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This weak strip (losely related to this one) was absolutely not inspired by a 15 years old teenager living under my roof....

Currently I'm in some chaotic dimension, so udates are scarce, but I won't take my annual break as planned,
so get ready for some upcoumming announcements.

For french readers ("listeners" would be more appropriate):
I'll animate an online conference about my works around the Necronomicon for the Miskatonic Campus Midsummer on June 22d at 9.00PM

Dans le cadre des Conférences Midsummer du Campus Miskatonik, j'animerai une conference online sur la thematique du Necronomicon sur youtube/Twitch le jeudi 22 Juin à 21h:

Site du Campus

Chaine Youtube Live

Chaine Twitch Live




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