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A strip after a few weeks, the slow reopening of the country was more prone to outside walks than gloomy webcomic sessions.

Let's be clear, I'm not a specialist of the incredibly rich Berserk universe. I've read the story in a fractionned way, and tried to fill the gaps with the animated serie, and the uncanny 3D movies... But with the recent and prematurate  death of Guts' creator Kentaro Miura, I wanted to draw an hommage to the very Lovecraftian tone of the Manga (and to re-read the full unfinished story). It's hard to say if the influence is direct, as there's no obvious name dropping (the Sea God chapter might be seen as a quite clear one, though), but the incredible designs, concepts (like the alien powerful entites, the God Hands) and atmospheres can be qualified as Lovecraftian. Of course,  Renaissance Gothic Art, Bosch, Brugels, Barker, Howard or Boorman among other could also be cited, in such a complex and rich worldbuilding...  
French reader can watch the excellent video from Alt236, and the book that was made a bit after.

Thanks to Satoko S. for the sword sound.


Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly
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