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Cultists, I'm wishing you an excellent year, despite a very tough beggining...
and I'm not talking about the social and diplomatic turmoil.
As you have noticed, the Vault has always been concerned by the ecological issues. It is not a political tribune, nor a protest place, but as lover of the incredible beauties of nature (even/overall with multiple tentacles/fangs/legs or poisoned spikes), I feel very concerned by the human-caused disasters.
What we are witnessing in Australia, California, Amazonia, Indonesia or Africa are just IMHO the premises of a more global radical and painful changes to come.
Let's hope the cuteness of Koala will drain more attention than what happened last summer...
but honestly I'm not very optimistic.
Midnight Oil already sang this more than 30 years ago, and for what?

About the Vault itself, it had some highs ans lows, as I was switching between production, and having more or less spare time. I'm now fixed on a new movie and will get a more regular rythm. I can't tell yet if I'll be able to make more than one or two strips each month. Let see....

I'm working on other side-projects too and will give you news very soon. Cheers!






Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly, Cthoogha
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