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A recent post on Facebook by J.Hendriks, a true Munchkin Cultist, remind me about some specific cards done for the Dutch edition. Here comes a very peculiar design based a "Dutch song by Drs. P. about a family travelling to Omsk chased by wolves. One by one they throw their children to to wolves, then the wife, and just in view if Omsk the husband jumps up in joy at having made it, slips and falls. His last words before the wolves have at him are "Omsk is een mooie stad, maar net iets te ver weg."Omsk/Arkham is a beautiful city, but just a bit too far away" (words by J.H)

It was "translated" for the Vault  with Tindaloo(s) chasing a bunch of investigators... a very rare card, I guess...

 and here's the song - in dutch, wichn can sound close to the r'lyehian tongue...and with english translation.


Characters in this strip:
Tindaloo, Investigators
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