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If you don't get it, here's some help, but I guess that most of you already know Nyarly's toy
(and yes, Latin sentence is not exactly the one heard in the movie, as it was bad latin...)

I just want to speak about two french (well, it's difficult to be so affirmative, with nowadays complex production scheme) movies that refers to Lovecraft; France has some trouble with the fantastic genre, and it's difficult to find interresting specimen...

Malefique (E.Valette 2002)

This is a solid B movie, and a genuine hommage to some classical Lovecraftian tropes. Four criminals are in a penitentiary cell, for different crimes. They find, hidden in the cell wall, an old book written a century ago, by an occultist that dealt with surnatural forces. They will try on they own way to use the book black spells to get free. A lot of Old Ones Name-dropping here...

Ghostland (P.Laugier 2018).

This is a strange film, mainly a "slasher/torture porn" movie but with some interresting twists (badly used IMHO) , and a constant reference to Lovecraft (not to his creation, but directly to the writer himself, as a mentor - He is directly portrayed in the film, I cannot say too much without spoiling). All in one, Ghostland is not a great movie, it has very interesting sides along some annoying flaws. But there are some sparkles here and there, and it's worth seeing for any HPL fan.





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