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...It's a tradition, and an easy strip to make today. Well, 2018 was VERY chaotic on many points, and I guess 2019 will not be calmer, as Entropy  always increases. This year was though very calm for the website, with only 11 strips. I took a long summer break and willingly closed the Vault during this hiatus, for other projects.

So, time for a bit of advertisement here:

Check the Facebook page of the UVoD: you;ll have the latest strip posted here, along with additionnal piece of art and other HPL related news: https://www.facebook.com/UnspeakableVault/

The Goominet is still active (root directory of the current site), with a newly updated Lovecraft page ("serious" art on the subject): http://www.goominet.com/lovecraft/

I also have opened a Deviant Art Gallery for Hi-definition images: https://www.deviantart.com/goomi32/gallery/

The tumblr account is quite sleepy, But I sometimes publish stuff: https://uvod.tumblr.com/

RSS feed is still here: www.goominet.com/unspeakable-vault/

acknowledgements now: All Cultists, of course, that help me keeping the Vault opened; Bobby D for corrections and suggestions, Viktor for site maintenance (and it's been strongly hacked those last monthes); Diabolo Ediciones and Ynis for paper prints.

Let's wish for more Art, more strips, and a better year!






Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly, Shoggies, The unspeakable, Tindaloo
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