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Hi. The Vault was closed for a long time, as I took a kind of unplanned summer break, and was too busy/lazy to publish a notice. I needed to take some distances from the numeric world, and find some new inspiration/motivation ... Sorry for the silence.

So here comes a strip that was supposed to follow the sad news of George A.Romero's passing. We all know that Herber was first, but the success of the "Night of the Living dead" and followers is obvious...

Anyway, I've started some reconnection with the geek universe. I've visited the RPGers Festival, which is a very old table role-playing manifestation, set in the Gers, my native french department (and more known for Armagnac and >Foie Gras than D&D competition!). Good times there, I'll try to be present next year again, with more organize stuffs.

Next week-end, I'll be at the Bachanalia Fantastyczne, in Zielona Góra, Poland.
I'll present a small exhibition and attend some workshops there.





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