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This is not a "true" strip, just a quick adaptation of an existing image... If you don't follow the UVoD FB Page, You may have noticed that the site was unreachable during a few days. Again, it was hacked and closed by the hosting company, to prevent evil behavior (we didn't want to decode the crypted active modules, fearing unspeakable discoveries...). Well, that's not the first time; It's hard to say if The Vault was targeted for itself, or if it's a mere victim of blind, mindless robots. Anyway, we (Vikto B., to be fair) corrected many security breaches, some of them very ancient. We can just pray (or make sacrifice), like the poor guys above, hoping that it will be enough to repulse malignant daemons...


Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly, Cultists
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