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If you don't get it, here's the fact: we're talking today about Robert E. Howard.

To be short, he had a large epistolary correspondence with HPL, but they never met and it was a good challenge to imagine the confrontation of those quite opposite characters. Howard is known to have been strongly built, enjoying food and liquors, rifle, sport and outdoor life, and was nicknamed  "Two-Gun Bob" by Lovecraft...
I'm not an Howard specialist like Bobby D., the corrector of my poor english, but I was quite interested by the story of this huge man, and his sad demise. To be honest, I already wanted to make a Conan/Chtulhoo strip after the latest remake, but I never found the time or motivation to finish it - may be because to movie was quite lame...



Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, H.P.L.
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