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That's official: Fantasy had a terrible year. After the loss of Giger,  Moebius, Nimoy, Terry Pratchett passed away. There are so many excellent tributes done all around the internet, I'll make this one rather short, even though the strip took forever to be completed. I've already done a serie of cross-over with the Discworld characters, so I've left Rincewind or the Luggage, to focus more on Pratchett's direct hommage to Lovecraft - from the first DW book, with Bel-Shamharoth's Temple, to the very lovecraftian "Moving Pictures". Pratchett's fans will recognize some of the quickly described entities to be found in the Dungeon Dimensions... I've re-used Death, because it's Death - and I needed to make a call (the asterisk) to this strip. Thanks to Booby D. for prompt correction and the Half-Brick Hint!

So long, Sir and thanks for the books!





Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly
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