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A thematic strip today, to talk about a project about two of my favorite centers of interest: Lovecraft and wine! I've started to "study" wine (i.e. drink it and try to learn more about it - before, I was only drinking it...) not so long ago, but I'm rather invested in the topic. Living in France, I've just scratched the surface of the subject, and I don't know much about New World Wines - I've worked a few monthes in L.A. and was impressed by the technicity of Californian Wine, but I have quite all to learn.

So, I was happy to see the rise of a Crowfunded project mixing those two things (though it's known that's HPL was not a drinker at all).

Lovecraft Wine is a wine brand project on Indiegogo, worth the peek


I haven't tested the products, but will be happy to help if I can.

ps: I just learn about Terry Pratchett's death as I'm finishing the strip. I sadly know the subject of the next publication...


Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly
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