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Another strip that layed unfinished on a shelf for years, and that reminds of the strip#92.
Though sex is not very present in HPL's stories, it was handled more firmly (!) by his followers:
I decided to color it when Boddy D., who is correcting the Vault and often suggesting me clever ideas,
announced the publishing of his own book: "Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos".


The cover by Gahan Wilson is not without remembering strip#123;
I wanted to do it but it seems I missed a car here...
Anyway, go and buy it without hesitation!
And check for the rest of Hippocampus Press catalog,
with a lot of HPL related quality books.

Last strip had a huge succes with a lot of views.
I'll try to reboot the Unspeakable Weblog (which is dead & dreaming)
quickly to make a small summary of my influences on that one



Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly, Shoggies, Shubby, Ygo, Yogzotot, Dagoon, Deepoines, Zatoth, Cthoogha
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