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Defrost! The Vault is now back. I've returned from Honduras two weeks ago, but a lot of comissioned works prevented me from reopening the Pit of Doom sooner. Current strip is a direct reference to my trip to Copán, the famous Mayan city of the King, where a huge number of sculptures can be seen. Among them, Camazotz, the dreaful death-Bat god  is an impressive figure, enough to enter the Vault! (The speech bubble is a completely fake translation of "Bon appétit" in Maya glyph, if you ask)

Of course, mesoamerican specialists will point out that the Maya society was not very focused on Human sacrifices, or much less than Aztecs, for example. Whatever, this is fiction for fun!

I've also been striked by an interesting mayan glyph, seen on Roatan island (on a Water treatment society ad sign!)... It's Imix, the Dragon/alligator, the Water entity, featured on the infamous Tzolk'in. Rough shortcut, here's a Vaultesque version of it:

More photos about Honduras fauna and archeology soon! I still have tons of stuff to finish, but will adress a lot of Cultists' questions/requests. To go away for a full month in our digital area creates a huge amount of "to-treat" datas, a peak I've just started to climb. I will try to find a good publishing rythme, if possible.



Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly
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