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Not a really lovecraftian strip today, and sadly, again, an obituary. One of the "4 top US Horror/Fantasy writers", among Poe, Lovecraft and King, as I read somewhere, is now gone. I remember myself, as a child, closing the The Shrinking Man and having one of my first conscious metaphysic interrogation.

The Vault is updating quite slow - I've got some pending strips, but they need some more works, and i'd need more time (or less sleep).

For French readers, a new announcement:

Ce Week-end, c'est la Japan Expo et la ComicCon, deux grosses manifestations aux parc des Expos de Paris Nord/Villepinte. Je serais en dedicace sur les Stands AMP ( ANIME MANGA PRESSE - stand BB38 - JapanExpo) et au Stand du Dernier Bar ( stand CH46 - ComiCon). 

Voila les horaires de signatures:

samedi :
14h30 - 16h
Dernier Bar
17h - 18h

dimanche :
AMP 14h - 15h30
Dernier Bar 17h -18h


(I'll be signing books at the JapanExpo/Comicon next week-end - check schedule above) 


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