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...Today, people are still dying because of old books full of angry gods, that's a fact!

This strips is not a political/religious lampoon, just a unsubtle advertisement for the UVoD Volume I "Welcome to the Vault", re-issued by Kettle Drummer and Diabolo Ediciones. Sales are now officialy opened on Amazon (pre-order is over). For European Cultists, you can check Amazon-Uk - but sometimes it might be interesting to order for Amazon-Us, depending of the shipping fares.

Selling books is not a matter of money, but more a way to publish more books. UVoD Volume 2, "G.o.o.s On The Loose", will be published in Spanish first, in a few monthes, and, depending of the sales of this one, in English soon after. The Volume 2 was even harder to find than the first one, so I guess it will please some collectors. And all of this will lead to the true objective: publish a long awaited third volume! We'll see. There are many ongoing project - most of them focused on France - The Vault is not Sleeping...




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