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Technology in this strip might appear outdated: it's been done in 2004. So no Iphone, Netbook and other trendy-looking electronic gems.

Directly related to this strip subject: I'm currently finishing the "Bod Howard - Laundry" trilogy: Jennifer Morgue and Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross (I've talked about the Atrocity Archives, first novel of the serie, here recently). And Modern lovecraftian novels are cool. With a lot of technology inside. I was curious to see technical evolution, as Mr.Stross shows great interest and precision in depicting esoteric unix commands or geeky devices; I'm satisfied, I wish I had created the "NecronomiPod"  by myself for the Nyarly's Novelty shop, and some correlations between RSS feeds and an aged Lovecraft are simply brilliant. Both books are filled with clever concepts, funny moments, thrilling instants and nerdy references.  Don't wait a second, go and read, this is a non-subliminal suggestion.





Characters in this strip:
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