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Vault reopens, after a long pause. Not unusual, but this time it was very long, but  for some good reasons: I've taken the holidays that were canceled this summer, and brought back a severe dengue fever from the tropics, that left me quite tired after a month.  A strip right now, including some kind of (late) whishes for 2024. Enjoy the Chaos, at least it's not boring.

Talking about Yog's infamous kid and fun images, you should check latest entry of Deeper Cut, the Erudite Lovecraftian Blog from Bobby D. (UVoD corrector).

Between my fever episodes, I've watched HBO's "30 coins", a series by Álex de la Iglesia, known to be a fan of Lovecraft and the Call of Cthulhu RPG. First season is a mixed bag: first episodes are very good, mixing serious lovecraftian references (There's even an apparition of Nyarlathotep in his bloody tongue shape) and judo-christian lore, and display some visual sparkles (the "spider baby", the "lamb-heads-room"). But it's too long for its own good, and is plagued with some poor acting and writing. Much shorter, it could have been a notable addition to the supernatural series hall of fame. Let's see where the second season is leading.

I also watched last season's of HBO's "True detective - Night Country", set in Alaska. I'm a fan of the first season, and not a hater of S2/S3. First episode was suggesting strong links to season 1 and its Mythos background. Well, (SPOILER)  there were all false tracks, and a relative deception. Last episode, thought quite unrealistic, avoids a complete failure, helped with good cast/acting (Jodie Foster is too rare) and interesting setting. But we're very far from Pizzolatto's visionary mood of the Bayou. Too bad.






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