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Silly strip today. After so many years, it's tough to be innovative, so let's add some french bakery jokes.

Just some words about the current ongoing controversy about cartoonist Bastien Vives in France. To summarize, a exhibition of his works in the Angoul√™me International Comics Festival was just canceled, after petitions about his images and interviews about incestuous and pedophile situations. Personally, I think he's a very gifted artist but also a quite insufferable character (may be just a "role" for the public, I'm not sure). About the issues highlighted  recently, it's a mixed bag: I've seen much worse in the "alternative" French comic Press during the last 30 years; but I can totally understand the reactions when you see (and read) the incriminated comics or posts: "free speech" doesn't protected you about public manifestations or cancellations. For the moment, there are yet no legal pursuits, but some complaints were summited after general shouting (we are talking about fantasies representation, not actual facts). Problem comes more from the profile of the mob that comes with forks and torches, in general people just discovering the problematic works in a quick glimpse and immediately joining the flow on Twitter. Sure, moral trigger is very effective, overall when children are involved, but we are in a time of general overreaction; a lot of crusades against books, and especially comics are currently ongoing, and dont really need more fuel.
Making a comic based on an old white male known for his racism, involving gruesome murders and religious themes is not the safest position, from the Twitter fan base perspective.

Nothing to add, the Vault will be closed for holidays, see you in 2023.



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