It's no mystery that I've discovered Lovecraft through Role-Playing, via the first Chaosium edition of "Call of Cthulhu", and this lead me to my current career in the graphic illustration. At that time, I could not think one second that I would one day illustrate a new edition of this iconic monument in the RPG world (US version, because I've already worked for the German and French edition)... That's done: the 7th edition has a few of my images inside! I received a copy a few days ago,and here are some (bad) pictures of the book (hard cover version). I won't comment on the polemic about crowfunding such a known line of games, but as it's seen in France with the curent french CoC funding, RPGs are good candidate for this kind of economic models, with low risks and high rewards... Anyway, books are here, I haven't read the rules yet, let's hope it will be a good version!

  • Master Rulebook 7 Cover
  • Master Rulebook 7 Cover Complete
  • Player Rulebook 7 Cover
  • Master Rulebook 7 Cover Alternative (not used)

Covers for the new "Call of Cthulhu" German RPG by Pegasus Spiele.



A cover for a quick begginer guide by Pegasus, for German Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.

A Victorian background book for German Call of Cthulhu, by Pegasus.


Reisen (Travel) is a German Call of Cthulhu book about transportation.


Cthulhu Ruf is a new magazine, replacing late Cthuloid Welten. Latest Issue is about Egypt - to add infos and scenario to Pegasus Spiele officilal supplement.

A Call of Cthulhu Supplement by Pegasus spiele

Again, the German Master Handbook comes in two version: The limited is a huge tome, with a very classy embossed cover; both books are really nice, with a lot of inside illustrations by myself.

The Third version of the German Call of Cthulhu RPG edited by Pegasus Spiele comes in two version: a "standard one (with the metal pentacle)  and a  limited one, with a very nice and sober embossed cover. A lot of my designs were also used for inside illustrations.

  • Wraith - French Version - Screen
  • Wraith - French Version -Screen - Detail
  • Wraith - French Version -Screen - Detail
  • Wraith - French Version -Screen - Detail
  • Wraith - French Version -Screen - Detail
  • Wraith - French Version -Screen - Detail
  • Death
  • Fœtus
  • Hang
  • Isle of Dead
  • Isle of Dead - detail
  • Mask
  • Mask - detail
  • Shadow
  • Spectre
  • Tempest
  • Tempest - detail
  • Angel
  • Coutoo
  • Metropolis
  • metropolis - detail
  • Necrite
  • Necrite - detail
  • Cruci
  • Occulus Apertus
  • Occulus Apertus - detail
  • Rictus
  • St-Sebastian
  • Mental
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