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I first saw "Evil Dead II" in 1990, and it was a shock: Gore special effects,  crude humor and a new, visually fascinating, version of the Necronomicon (Ex Mortis). And I must stay that the animated writing in blood of the pages inspired me strongly for my "pages of the goomicronicon" serie...


Then I saw the first "Evil dead" soon after, and was also impressed by the truly distubing atmosphere of the movie, though crude special effects. When "Evil Dead III" came out, it has an other tone,less serious and more fantasy-oriented. It was not as good as the previous opus, but still a fun ride.

Recently, the remake made in 2013 was disappointing: too serious, pompous, with a Necronomicon turned into a "simple" satanic grimoire...

I didn't know what to expect  when I heard about the upcoming "Ash Vs Evil Dead" serie... And I was not disappointed!

The serie is fast-paced, funny and gore enough, with good auto-parodic quotes and fine visual effects - CG and classic cleverly mixed...  Today's strip is a tribute to this bold move to the past!

With the Neconomicon Ex Mortis, the "human-face leather cover" has become a true "meme". In the new serie, we know more about it, and the reference to the "Dark Ones" is a return to the original source of the book (the HPL version).

I've furnished some material for the fabrication of many versions of the Evil Dead Necronomicon, made by amateurs for different projects (gifts, theatre play...). Here's an example. and some more images here

Thanks to Mr. Raimi and Campbell for this (and to Boddy D. for correction, suggestion).




Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly
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