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Current strip deals with the burning actuality (HPL in the actuality, that's a scoop!). Well, to summarize, the World Fantasy Award trophy is an (ugly) lovecraft Statue. It was recently given to author Nnedi Okorafor; soon after she discovered that HPL was an (ugly) racist. Chaos followed: discution started to change the statue, HPL defensors counter-attacked, through expert S.T.Joshi's voice. We'll know soon if the awfull statuette will be kept, or replaced by something more politically correct.

I don't have a relevant opinion about all this turmoil...  Racism is a complex subject, but I'm wondering if we should start examining all past artists'views on their society/time... Even if their opinions was their best (nightmare) fuel to write/compose/paint. I'm now a bit afraid to be checked for my own views.

Thanks to Bobby D. for corrections.

On an other topic, The Unspeakable Weblog is now quite resurrected - I try to update it more often - I've also included all "Goominet" related news. You can subscribe directly or connect to the UVoD Facebook page, for fresh update.


Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Cultists, Deepoines
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