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Today's strip is based on a true story... A recent expedition recorded underwater sounds from a hydrophone dropped at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, at nearly 11.000 meters deep. Sounds from marine life, underwater seismic activities and the unescapable human audio-pollution were recorded and studied by Oregon scientists; you can read about it all here (some images were shamelessly used as model for the strip) and some recorded sounds can be heard here.
A small note about the band's name: The Great Old Ones  is a real Metal band! Based in Bordeaux, France, it plays an atmospheric Death/Doom Metal inspired by HPL's works, and uses raw images from artist  Jeff Grimal, who also plays in the band.


Characters in this strip:
Cthulhoo, Nyarly, Dagoon
©2003-2009 F.Launet/Goomi Studio